Kantor (kantor) wrote,

поколение 1968 года

'Pliny was alarmed at the state of contemporary youth, observing rebelliousness and dangerous originality -- "statim sapiunt, statim sciunt omnia, neminem verentur, imitantur neminem atque ipsi sibi exempla sunt" (Epp. 8,23,3)*. He need not have worried. These dynamic young men (if they really existed) were soon to become dreary and representative figures, leaders of state and society in a dead season, the blessed age of the Antonines" (R. Syme, JRS 28, 1938, 224). Знаю, что не про то написано.

* "Они сразу же все понимают, сразу же знают все, никого не уважают, никого не берут за образец и сами себе пример" (пер. А.И. Доватура и М.Е. Сергеенко).
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