Kantor (kantor) wrote,

доктор (Айболит) и леопард

"I was sorry to have missed my namesake, Dr Ross of Baghdad, who has as great a love of animals as myself. Among the pets allowed to roam at will about his house is a leopard, who puts his paws on the window-sill and gazes down into the street below. When a sheep or a donkey passes he springs down upon them and breaks their necks, leaving the doctor to pay the damage" (H.J. Ross, Letters from the East 1837-57, London 1902, 37, quoted ap. S. Lloyd, Foundations in the Dust: A Story of Mesopotamian Exploration, Harmondsworth 1955, 115 n. 1). Вот это, я понимаю, настоящая любовь к животным. А уж дрессировка... Ведь заметьте, только на овец и ослов.
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